remove smoke odors from home

Get Rid of Smoke Odors Permanently!

The key to remove lingering tobacco smoke odors such as, cigarette odors, cigar odors and pipe odors, which happen to be the some of the most common household odors besides pet odors, is to knock out these odors at their source.

Regular air fresheners and deodorizers can’t get the job done, sure it might smell nice for about 30 minutes if you are lucky but then you are back to your smoky smells again. Their goal isn’t to eliminate the smoke odor in your home or vehicle, just to make it smell nice for a little while. The key is a true odor eliminator that is formulated to completely and permanently eliminate smoke odors on contact and once the odor is eliminated the only way you smell smoke again is if its reintroduced to the affected area.

common household odor removal

Common Household Odor Removal Tips

Common Household Uses for KO Odor Eliminator

  • When using KO Odor Eliminator on furniture or fabrics, lightly treat the surface, brush the formula into the surface using your finger tips or a small fabric brush.
  • When treating the air in a room, go to the furthest corner of the room from the door. Hold the bottle over your head spray towards the ceiling while backing out of the room.

Most Common Reasons an Odor Returns

  • Contact was not made with odor source. The odor is hidden. Re-check the problem area and determine the odor source. Then treat again with KO Odor Eliminator.
  • The odor is deeply embedded in carpeting or upholstery. Treat again and brush formula into the surface for better penetration.┬áNote: Always brush formula into carpet, upholstery, and fabric.
  • The source of the odor is a greasy, oily or petroleum based odor. A mixture of KO Odor Eliminator with a small amount of dish soap & water should be used. This acts like a degreaser and breaks down the substance and allows it to penetrate and knock out the odor source.