remove odors in shoes

Knock Out Those Funky Footwear Odors!

Do you know someone, have a child in sports, or maybe you yourself that has some nasty odors in your footwear? If you always wanted to know how to get rid of that funky smell in your footwear, read on…

If you wear sandals, tennis shoes, hockey skates, football cleats, baseball cleats, or anything else you can wear on your feet, they are all odor problems waiting to happen. Due to regular use, body perspiration and sweat, along with the natural elements your footwear can really get a very strong funky odor that makes you lock them out of the house at night. You clean them only to have that funky odor come back right away. Starting today you will know the best way to treat your footwear and put these funky footwear odors down for the ten count.