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Knock Out Those Funky Footwear Odors!

Do you know someone, have a child in sports, or maybe you yourself that has some nasty odors in your footwear? If you always wanted to know how to get rid of that funky smell in your footwear, read on…

If you wear sandals, tennis shoes, hockey skates, football cleats, baseball cleats, or anything else you can wear on your feet, they are all odor problems waiting to happen. Due to regular use, body perspiration and sweat, along with the natural elements your footwear can really get a very strong funky odor that makes you lock them out of the house at night. You clean them only to have that funky odor come back right away. Starting today you will know the best way to treat your footwear and put these funky footwear odors down for the ten count.

remove smoke odors from home

Get Rid of Smoke Odors Permanently!

The key to remove lingering tobacco smoke odors such as, cigarette odors, cigar odors and pipe odors, which happen to be the some of the most common household odors besides pet odors, is to knock out these odors at their source.

Regular air fresheners and deodorizers can’t get the job done, sure it might smell nice for about 30 minutes if you are lucky but then you are back to your smoky smells again. Their goal isn’t to eliminate the smoke odor in your home or vehicle, just to make it smell nice for a little while. The key is a true odor eliminator that is formulated to completely and permanently eliminate smoke odors on contact and once the odor is eliminated the only way you smell smoke again is if its reintroduced to the affected area.

pet urine smell removal

Are You Battling Problem or Returning Pet Odors?

Stop Wasting Money & Learn How to Knock Out Pet Odors Completely.

If you own a pet and you have a problem with pet odors this article might help you make sense of how to knock out  for good and not have to worry wasting more money or about the odor coming back. Before I get to that I wanna talk about the many products out there that claim to be odor eliminators, they all have a fragrance that just works as a mask to cover up an odor and once it dries the . Over time you can develop stains in your carpet, furniture and upholstery because of the residue left behind by some of these products.

A true odor eliminator will not cover up the odor, it will permanently eliminate it. As an  formula dries it breaks down the odor source and makes it disappear. The only way the odor returns is if the odor source is reintroduced to the problem area.

disaster cleanup odor removal

Facing Odor Problems After Severe Weather Hits

Along with the hot summer months comes very dry heat and very heavy humidity. These weather conditions, depending on what part of the country you live in, can brew up powerful storms such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flash floods.

There is a likelihood that during one of these powerful storms your home or business will sustain water damage that will cause you plenty of headaches while you dry out your home, business, and vehicles along with all of your possessions in them.

The strong winds and lightning that come with these storms make it a strong probability that you will lose power. Going a few days without power while all the electrical lines are repaired, it won’t take long before all of your food begins to go bad and the humidity makes your home musty and moldy.

common household odor removal

Common Household Odor Removal Tips

Common Household Uses for KO Odor Eliminator

  • When using KO Odor Eliminator on furniture or fabrics, lightly treat the surface, brush the formula into the surface using your finger tips or a small fabric brush.
  • When treating the air in a room, go to the furthest corner of the room from the door. Hold the bottle over your head spray towards the ceiling while backing out of the room.

Most Common Reasons an Odor Returns

  • Contact was not made with odor source. The odor is hidden. Re-check the problem area and determine the odor source. Then treat again with KO Odor Eliminator.
  • The odor is deeply embedded in carpeting or upholstery. Treat again and brush formula into the surface for better penetration. Note: Always brush formula into carpet, upholstery, and fabric.
  • The source of the odor is a greasy, oily or petroleum based odor. A mixture of KO Odor Eliminator with a small amount of dish soap & water should be used. This acts like a degreaser and breaks down the substance and allows it to penetrate and knock out the odor source.

remove odors in real estate

Realtors Guide To Showing An Odor Free Home

If you make a living in the world of real estate you know how important the condition of the property is when you show it to potential buyers and renters. Odor problems can get in the way sometimes and the last thing you want is to have a potential sale go south because the buyer walked in to a house that smells like old cigarette smoke and has been unattended.

The buyer wants to have a sense of New smell but that doesn’t mean go out and buy those TV brand air sanitizers and air deodorizers. They are nothing more that air fresheners. They are not made to get rid of odors, they just smell good for a few minutes and you still have the odor problem to worry about.

How To Get Rid Of Odors In Hockey Equipment.

Its that time of the year again and hockey season is almost in full swing. That means traveling all over to watch your kids play hockey. Its a busy time of the year for hockey parents especially if you have more than one child playing hockey. Being a hockey parent or knowing someone that is you know how hectic it can be.

One thing that is a problem for anyone that plays hockey is the odors that accumulate in their hockey equipment because of frequent use. It might be chilly to sit and watch a hockey game but to a player on the ice skating it gets pretty warm in all of that equipment while they sweat heavily as the body tries to stay cool.

smoke odor removal

How to Remove Smoke Odors

How to KnockOut Smoke Odors with KO Odor Eliminator

Cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, 420 smoke, pipe smoke, and burnt cooking odors are some of the more common smoke odor issues and uses for KO Odor Eliminator.

A room-by-room treatment is the best method.

Start by spraying KO Odor Eliminator onto all furniture and fabrics in the room and brush it in and allow to dry.

Next go to the furthest corner from the entryway of the room you are treating and start spraying KO Odor Eliminator towards the ceiling and letting it mist down as you back out of the room. Check your results in about 10-15 minutes. Most rooms only require one treatment; however, depending on the severity of the smoke odors a repeat treatment may be necessary. (In extreme cases adding KO Odor Eliminator to a rug doctor or carpet & upholstery extractor will be the most effective treatment). If you have smoke odors throughout your entire home treating your home’s ventilation system & furnace filter is most effective method.

eliminate pet odors

How to Remove Pet Odors

How to KnockOut Pet Odors with KO Odor Eliminator

Here is a few quick tips on how to control pet odors in your home.

To knock out pet urine odors spray directly on urine accident spots. Brush into surface with brush or finger tips to ensure formula penetrates the entire odor source, then wipe up affected area to almost dry.

You then want to spray the area again and let dry. (KO Odor eliminator keeps working until it dries)

Now, Finish up by treating the air in the room. Spray KO Odorless Odor Eliminator towards the ceiling covering the entire area while backing out of the room. Check results in about 10-15 minutes.

Some pet odors can be more persistent than others so if an odor is still present, repeat all above steps. In extreme odor problems shampooing of the affected area with KO Odor Eliminator is highly recommended. It has shown very impressive results on severe odor laden rugs, upholstery, and carpets.

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