smoke odor removal

How to Completely Remove Smoke Odors

Completely Eliminate Smoke Odors From Your Home

Cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, burnt cooking odors, and burnt popcorn odors are some of the most common smoke odor issues and uses for KO Odor Eliminator.

A room-by-room treatment is the best method to get smoke odors out of your house. Start by spraying KO Odor Eliminator onto all furniture and fabrics in the room and brush it in and allow to dry. Next go to the furthest corner from the entryway of the room you are treating and start spraying KO Odor Eliminator towards the ceiling as you back out of the room and letting the formula mist down onto all surfaces.

Most rooms only require one treatment; however, depending on the severity of the smoke odors a repeat treatment may be necessary. (In extreme cases adding KO Odor Eliminator to a rug doctor or carpet & upholstery extractor will be the most effective treatment).