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Are You Battling Problem or Returning Pet Odors?

Stop Wasting Money & Learn How to Knock Out Pet Odors Completely.

If you own a pet and you have a problem with pet odors this article might help you make sense of how to knock out  for good and not have to worry wasting more money or about the odor coming back. Before I get to that I wanna talk about the many products out there that claim to be odor eliminators, they all have a fragrance that just works as a mask to cover up an odor and once it dries the . Over time you can develop stains in your carpet, furniture and upholstery because of the residue left behind by some of these products.

A true odor eliminator will not cover up the odor, it will permanently eliminate it. As an  formula dries it breaks down the odor source and makes it disappear. The only way the odor returns is if the odor source is reintroduced to the problem area.

Urine Odors And Puppy Potty Training

House training a new little puppy can sometimes be a difficult process depending on how quick your new family member adapts to potty training. When you are away from home during the day for work or out running errands these little puppies get very nervous and will pee all over the house. Just like a small child they can’t always hold it.

You will no doubt have accidents, some puppies will just take longer than others to be properly house trained. It is these little accidents that will eventually give you the biggest problems. You will be left with dog urine odors and stains in your carpet, furniture, clothing possibly, artificial plants, inside your vehicle in the carpet or upholstery, the puppies bedding area, there could be many places the puppy had an accident. These pee accidents a lot of the time can go unnoticed and after awhile you will finally realize there is a problem by the strong urine smell coming from these areas.

Remove Dog Urine Odors

How to Clean Dog Urine Odors

Easy, Affordable, Convenient, and Most of All Effective Dog Urine Odor Removal Tips

Dog urine odor is a common problem for many dog owners. For whatever reason your dog can and will have accidents in your home and many times you can miss these spots and you won’t know it until the smell hits you in the nose. With the proper tools and the proper techniques, you will find out that cleaning up after your dog can be easier than you think.

Some causes of inappropriate urination can be a new puppy that isn’t properly house trained, a dog that urinates when she gets excited or nervous, your dog could have a urinary tract infection or other health problem making it hard for him to control himself, dogs are very territorial and they like to let all other dogs know by marking. If you don’t effectively clean up these spots, dogs, with such a strong sense of smell will go back and mark the same spots again and again. You need to effectively clean the urine stain and remove the urine odor completely to avoid repeat performances.

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How to Remove Pet Odors

How to KnockOut Pet Odors with KO Odor Eliminator

Here is a few quick tips on how to control pet odors in your home.

To knock out pet urine odors spray directly on urine accident spots. Brush into surface with brush or finger tips to ensure formula penetrates the entire odor source, then wipe up affected area to almost dry.

You then want to spray the area again and let dry. (KO Odor eliminator keeps working until it dries)

Now, Finish up by treating the air in the room. Spray KO Odorless Odor Eliminator towards the ceiling covering the entire area while backing out of the room. Check results in about 10-15 minutes.

Some pet odors can be more persistent than others so if an odor is still present, repeat all above steps. In extreme odor problems shampooing of the affected area with KO Odor Eliminator is highly recommended. It has shown very impressive results on severe odor laden rugs, upholstery, and carpets.