smoke odor removal

How to Remove Smoke Odors

How to KnockOut Smoke Odors with KO Odor Eliminator

Cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, 420 smoke, pipe smoke, and burnt cooking odors are some of the more common smoke odor issues and uses for KO Odor Eliminator.

A room-by-room treatment is the best method.

Start by spraying KO Odor Eliminator onto all furniture and fabrics in the room and brush it in and allow to dry.

Next go to the furthest corner from the entryway of the room you are treating and start spraying KO Odor Eliminator towards the ceiling and letting it mist down as you back out of the room. Check your results in about 10-15 minutes. Most rooms only require one treatment; however, depending on the severity of the smoke odors a repeat treatment may be necessary. (In extreme cases adding KO Odor Eliminator to a rug doctor or carpet & upholstery extractor will be the most effective treatment). If you have smoke odors throughout your entire home treating your home’s ventilation system & furnace filter is most effective method.

eliminate pet odors

How to Remove Pet Odors

How to KnockOut Pet Odors with KO Odor Eliminator

Here is a few quick tips on how to control pet odors in your home.

To knock out pet urine odors spray directly on urine accident spots. Brush into surface with brush or finger tips to ensure formula penetrates the entire odor source, then wipe up affected area to almost dry.

You then want to spray the area again and let dry. (KO Odor eliminator keeps working until it dries)

Now, Finish up by treating the air in the room. Spray KO Odorless Odor Eliminator towards the ceiling covering the entire area while backing out of the room. Check results in about 10-15 minutes.

Some pet odors can be more persistent than others so if an odor is still present, repeat all above steps. In extreme odor problems shampooing of the affected area with KO Odor Eliminator is highly recommended. It has shown very impressive results on severe odor laden rugs, upholstery, and carpets.

eliminate kitchen odors with ko odor eliminator

How To Remove Problem Kitchen Odors

How To KnockOut Kitchen Odors With KO Odor Eliminator

In every kitchen you will have odors. For the most part these are good odors but you know as well as I do, it doesn’t take long for them to turn bad.

I want to give you some great tips for using KO Odor Eliminator to Knock Out odors in your kitchen. Most of the problems pertaining to odors in the kitchen are grimy and greasy, which will require using our recommended KO Odor Eliminator degreasing method to clean and eliminate odors on all surfaces.

In the garbage pail as an example you will use this mixture to spray the entire inside of the garbage pail and let this mixture penetrate for a few minutes then wipe clean. Then you will follow that up by spraying full strength KO Odor Eliminator into the garbage pail and letting it dry. This is the typical way to treat kitchen odors. You clean the surfaces completely with the degreasing mixture and follow that up with spraying the surfaces down with full strength KO Odor Eliminator and letting them dry.